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Sonu Nigam azaan row: While Aly Goni REACTS STRONGLY, Divyanka Tripathi SUPPORTS the actor!

Published by - admin | Updated: Apr 20, 2017 23:32 IST

Aly Goni and Divyanka, both playing important characters of 'Romi Bhalla' and 'Ishita Bhalla' in Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are divided in their opinions on Sonu Nigam's issue.

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Sonu Nigam's tweet over the use of loudspeakers for azaan has hurt the sentiments of muslims and while the whole nation is debating it, television and film celebrities have been divided in their views on this matter too.

While giving their reactions on this matter, both Aly and Divyanka also stand on different sides.

Aly Goni who hails from Jammu & Kashmir told Pinkvilla - "I have been born and brought up in the city of temples. Where I use to live in Jammu, there were a lot of temples near my house and just one mosque. Every morning, Aarti used to go on in temples with a lot of bells ringing and bhajans being sung, and that was my alarm to wake up. I used to feel so good every morning to wake up to such positive energy. I still remember whenever there use to be Mata ka jagrata at the Azaan time in the morning, the jagrata people use to stop for 5 mins for the Azaan to take place peacefully. That's called respect, what we have for each other and will always have. What all Sonu Nigam has said, I don't think so a famous personality like him should make such statements. He should not play with anyone's sentiments."

Actress Shraddha Das living near Sonu Nigam’s house says “never heard the Azaan in morning”!

Divyanka on the other hand had this to say through her Twitter page... "Moderation of speaker is important for all. Equal regulations needed for temples, mosques, gurudwaras & churches. not "

Divyanka wrote this in reply to a news article that quoted Sonu saying, ". said "I have considered Mohammad Rafi as my guru, my driver is a Muslim. We need to be considerate with each other."