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KRK offers 4* Rating making a demand over Esha Gupta's TOPLESS Pic and she agrees!

Published by - admin | Updated: Aug 11, 2017 22:25 IST

The self-proclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan never leaves a chance to get attention with his nasty comments and reactions to the celebrities's posts and his target has been especially women but here's something recently happened that will shock you!


You must be aware that the Bollywood actress and former beauty queen Esha Gupta has been all over the Internet with her latest bold pictures that she has been sharing in installments with every passing day


From going semi-nude to baring-it-all today, Esha's scorching pictures are the talk of the town and also caught KRK's attention .. But Wait!


2 days back actress shared a pic of her's posing in just a lacy underwear going topless and KRK instantly took to Twitter and did not only react to it but demanded Esha something related to it too!


KRK posted two tweets reacting to her bold picture and it came as a shocking surprise to all. The tweets read - "Darling @eshagupta2811 you are really looking super hot!... Dear @eshagupta2811 can you pls send me this photo with your autograph! In return, I will give 4* to your each film."


Before we tell you what the 'Baadshaho' actress's response to KRK was.. Here's the LATEST! Krk just noticed Esha's new Bare-It-All pictures she shared today(one of them is the above pic!) and here's what the man has written again...


KRK wrote to her "Baby @eshagupta2811 you are going to defeat @SunnyLeone soon! It's just superb! [Insta link] Oh My GOD! Can you send me this photo also with ur autograph baby![Insta link]". The first of these two new pictures that KRK wants with Esha's autograph was the previous one and the second is the next one...


This is Esha Gupta's boldest picture from her lingerie photoshoot that spread like wild fire on the Web and we can see the reason. Well now check out how she responded to KRK's demand he made through Twitter?


To everyone's surprise, unlike other actresses, Esha actually ended up thanking him and promising to send her picture with the autograph to him! Although this happened 2 days ago and the nasty man has already put up two more requests over her new pictures and we wonder if she is going to reply to him in the same manner!!!


And ofcourse this invited angry reactions from fans too. Here how Esha faced backlash over her nod-in-yes to KRK!


KRK has in the past offended other Bollywood Divas too but was always lashed out at by them in response. Here's what he had written to 'Queen' actress Lisa Haydon over her normal picture 2 years ago!


And this is what he received back from her! The actress did not spare him.


In the likes of Lisa, Sonakshi Sinha and Parineeti Chopra had also openly expressed their anger on KRK when he commented on their body.


Parineeti Chopra lashed out at KRK


What made Esha react so normally to KRK's bizarre demand on Twitter, is still a mystery but she has sure encouraged him which resulted in the two new tweets by him over her latest nude pics!

First Published : Aug 11, 2017 22:25 IST