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Gauahar Khan's rumored boyfriend Melvin Louis REACTS on their dating reports

Published by - Shruti Srivastava | Updated: Feb 12, 2018 19:19 IST

Actress and Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan has been hitting the headlines owning to her relationship rumors with choreographer Melvin Louis for last one week and now the ace dancer has reacted to these reports.

Melvin and Gauahar teamed up for a dance video 'Aate Jaate Hanste Gaate' four months ago and the youtube went viral too.[Watch at the bottom of this article!] While the pair's sparkling chemistry and their newborn friendship rose many eyebrows, few reports claimed they are dating quoting their sources.

Filmy Monkey also showed you their pictures clicked together over the past few months and their PDA filled comments on each other's Instagram posts that made their fans believe something's cooking[PICS: Gauahar Khan finds new love! Dating choreographer Melvin Louis?]!

Gauahar Khan with rumored boyfriend Melvin Louis (Pic: Instagram) Gauahar Khan with rumored boyfriend Melvin Louis (Pic: Instagram) [See MORE PICS Here!]Now the long-haired guy has finally spoken about their relationship and he told RepublicanWorld - "They never asked me before publishing it and then everybody else just sort of copy pasted the same across. Gauahar and I have been working on some videos . For now I would love to read about our work getting appreciated. I hope our collaborations are well received by all, that remains our prime focus."

Well, that's not a clear denial and what he said in the same i/v ahead, further increases the confusion over their current status. Before we tell you that, check out first what Gauahar's reaction to these reports is.

After the dating buzz, the 'Begum Jaan' actress had taken to Twitter to express her displeasure and posted a tweet which she deleted soon after. The tweet read - "So many assume, so little know!!Journalism has changed so much, n has become more about writing distasteful matter n grabbing eyeballs… Lies, assumptions n bringing ppl down is how they earn their living… Let us concentrate on hardwork…the good shall Triumph! Always!”

Without mentioning anything about Melvin or the reports related, she manages to deny them with this strongly-worded tweet.

Fans' reaction on Gauahar Khan's deleted tweet apparently denying her dating rumors with choreographer Melvin Louis Fans' reaction on Gauahar Khan's deleted tweet apparently denying her dating rumors with choreographer Melvin Louis

While Gauahar denies the two are dating, here's what Melvin said further in the above mentioned I/v.

He signed off with - "Whether we are dating or not , it's personal."


The huge fan of Melvin's dancing skills, Gauahar has been hanging out with him ever since their first video and they publicly write adorable messages for each other on social media too.

With both their reactions on their relationship status, what we understand is that they haven't either accepted it, nor denied it!

Probably, they aren't yet ready to public about it may be!

What do you guys think? And would you be happy seeing them together... or want this to be untrue? Let us know in the comments column below!

And if you haven't yet caught their beautiful dance video, here it is!